Chrome Clipboard

Note: Improved copy&paste functionality is now integrated in the main Jupyter notebook

This notebook extension adds system clipboard actions for single or multiple cells. It allows cut/copy/paste operation of notebook cells and images. Images will be saved to the directory where the current notebook sits. There is currently no way to embed images in markdown cells, due to the google-caja sanitizer used to prevent malicous code execution. Multi-cell operation is possible with the latest Jupyter version, or using the rubberband extension in this repository.

A demo showing single-cell copy & paste operating in Chrome is available on youtube:

copy & paste extension on youtube

This extension works only for Chrome, as other browsers do not expose the system clipboard to Javascript.


  • CTRL+C - Copy cell to system clipboard
  • CTRL+X - Cut cell and copy to system clipboard
  • CTRL+V - Paste cell or image from system clipboard


Regarding copying notebook cells over the clipboard, they are stored as mime-type notebook-cell/json.