Gist it

Publish notebooks as Github gists with a single button click!


The extension works with no special settings, publishing anonymous, non-modifiable gists.

To create gists owned by your Github user, or to modify existing gists (useful for multiple revisions of a notebook!), you need to be authenticated with Github.


You can publish anonymous gists without any authentication (the default mode). Anonymous gists can’t be edited, so every time you click the button, a new gist is created.

Personal access tokens

At the moment, the only supported method of authentication is client-side, using Github personal access tokens.

Important: using personal access token authentication only makes sense if you are the only user of the notebook server, and control the server. Otherwise, other users of the server may use your token (either accidentally or maliciously) to create/edit/delete gists, or exercise any other permissions you might have given to the token. If the server is only for your personal use, then you can create a github personal access token at It makes sense to only grant the token the minimum permissions (scopes) necessary for the extension to work, in this case, the gists scope. Once you’ve got your token from Github, enter it in the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator ui for it to be stored in the server config.

Full Github OAuth

Github’s full OAuth authentication (which would be required to make this extension useful for authenticating users in a multi-notebook setup) requires some server-side code. There are some issues with implementing this directly ( essentially related to a secret which the App server must know, and for obvious reasons can’t be published as part of open-source code) as a Jupyter extension. I (@jcb91) started writing this Gist it extension to work with a 3rd-party authentication app, but didn’t finish it or test it, so it’s not functional at the moment. If you’d like to have the full OAuth model, I’d be happy to help with any attempt you make - drop me a line on Github.