Move selected cellsΒΆ

This is a quick (and dirty) extension - move up or down several selected cells. Moving cells or series of cells via simple keystrokes can be super useful. Note: Alternatively, it is now possible to use the keyboard_shortcut_editor to bind the move cell up & move cell down actions to Alt-up and Alt-down (or anything else).

Initial version for Jupyter 4.0: a bit dirty because it would be better to act on DOM elements and write a correct move_cells() function. New version, updated to Jupyter 4.2+, now takes advantage of Jupyter.notebook.move_selection_{down, up} new functions

Keyboard shortcuts: Alt-up and Alt-down (works also with single cells!)

Cell selection: Cells can be selected using the rubberband (if this extension is enabled) or via Shift-up/Shift-down or Shift-K/Shift-J