Limit Output


This extension limits the number of characters a codecell will output as text or HTML. This also allows the interruption of endless loops of print commands.

Demo Video

You can set the number of characters using the ConfigManager:

from import ConfigManager
cm = ConfigManager().update('notebook', {'limit_output': 1000})

or by using the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator

The limit can also be set for an individual cell, using the cell’s cell.metadata.limit_output.


Three types of messages are intercepted: stream, execute_result, and display_data. For stream-type messages, the text string length is limited to limit_output number of characters. For other message types, text/plain and text/html content length is counted, and if either exceeds limit_output characters will be truncated to limit_output number of characters.

The limit_output_message parameter can be formatted to display the limit_output length and the current output_length, using the respective replacement fields {limit_output_length} and {output_length}.

Parameter Overview

  • limit_output - Number of characters to limit output to
  • limit_stream - Enable limiting stream messages
  • limit_execute_result - Enable limiting execute_result messages
  • limit_display_data - Enable limiting display_data messages
  • limit_output_message - Message to append when output is limited