Skip traceback

This nbextension hides error tracebacks, displaying instead a summary of the error name and type. Clicking the summary displays the whole traceback.


With normal traceback:

With nbextension enabled:

Using the (optional) toolbar button, you can show or hide all tracebacks in the notebook at once.


The nbextension provides a few options, the values of which are stored in the notebook section of the nbconfig. The easiest way to configure these is using the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator serverextension, but you can also configure them directly with a few lines of python.

The available options are:

  • skip-traceback.animation_duration - duration (in milliseconds) of the show/hide traceback animations. Defaults to 100.
  • skip-traceback.button_icon - a fontawesome class name, used for the action and toolbar button. Defaults to fa-warning.
  • skip-traceback.show_copy_buttons - add buttons to headings to copy the full traceback to the clipboard. Defaults to true.
  • skip-traceback.use_toolbar_button - add a button to the toolbar which can be used to toggle on or off the contracted display of all cells’ tracebacks. Defaults to false.
  • skip-traceback.enable - enable collapsing the tracebacks on loading the nbextension. Defaults to true

For example, to set the animation time to half a second, and enable adding the toolbar button, we can use the following python snippet:

from import ConfigManager
cm = ConfigManager()
cm.update("notebook", {"skip-traceback": {
    "animation_duration": 500,
    "use_toolbar_button": True,


This extensions works by overriding the OutputArea.prototype.append_error function to add a header above the error text, which can be used to show or hide the traceback.

On loading the extension, only outputs added to cells after the append_error method has been patched are initially affected. In order to apply the collapse to pre-existing outputs, the nbextension loops through existing uncollapsed tracebacks, storing them to json, clearing them, then restoring them from the saved json.